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A Life Once Lost - Rehashed lyrics

My head never rests on my shoulders facing the sun
I struggle to walk
The burden of this guilt i hide from you is growing
You'll never know what it is
This is the kind of person that i am
This is the kind of person i've turned into
In time of song i am the kamikaze dreamerA Life Once Lost - Rehashed - http://motolyrics.com/a-life-once-lost/rehashed-lyrics.html
Clog my own throat; swallowed by color-tortured slumber
Now flying high i am the kamikaze dreamer
Gouge out my eyes; swallowed by color-tortured slumber
It becomes harder to breathe or think clearly
Remorse instigates an overkill of self-loathing the older i get
So i'll rest my deadbeat tongue, you'll dismiss me anyway

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