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Ace Hood - Pretty Boy Swag lyrics

Yeah, Mister Hood

Okay, everybody do it but it ain't like me
Check my swagger, they bite my steez
Flyest nigga seen, I'm doped in codeine
Got so much money I'm trying to O.D.
Do's what I does I love to be me
Middle finger haters and the police
Moving through your block and I drop the top V
My trunk is shaking Muhammad Ali
Broward County beast the beast when I feast
I rep my AC wherever that I be
Pretty boy never that, where my O.G.'s?
Fitted cap, dreadlocks tatted on the sleeve
Love me a chick, fit well in them jeans
Got to keep it wet right there in between Ace Hood - Pretty Boy Swag -
Whip that shit like a slave, alright?

I ain't with the godamned games, alright?
Sick with the flow, need a medicine dose
Ten grand each show, ask Tim they know
Hopping in and out of them whips with a fully load clip
Don't trip because the bitch my rip
Because the bitch might rip
Better watch the way you're running your lip
Because they already told you
My niggas they soldiers, you want to make over
You can get, this, whole, clip
Make, your, ass, flip
This right here (Here) here (Here) here (Here) here (Here)
here (Here)
Is my, AK-47, AK-47, AK-47, AK-47
W-E T-H-E B-E-S-T my nigga
Mister Hood

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