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Aretha Franklin - Today I Sing The Blues lyrics

(Columbia Version)
Without a word of warnin'
The blues walked in this mornin'
And circled 'round my lonely room

I didn't know why I had that sad
'n lonely feelin'
Until my baby called
and said we're through, hooo.

For yesterday this time
I sang a love song but today
... I'm singing the blues.


Strikes me kinda funny
How love can be this wayAretha Franklin - Today I Sing The Blues -
we were lovers last night honey, yeah.
But I'm alone again today

and it strikes me kinda funny
how fate can be unfair
I come out on the losin' end
in every, every love affair!

Yes it must be, it must be written for me
that I should be the one,
be the one to always lose, hooo.

For yesterday
yesterday this time
I sing a love song whoaoohhh!
But right now - I'm singin the blues
Who-o-oh ye-he-heah

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