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Bathory - Bathory album
  • Quorthon
  • Metal
  • black metal
  • blackened thrash metal
  • kvlt
  • thrash metal
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Bathory - Reaper lyrics

"I close your eyes
and send you into vainly dreams
I reign your soul
the night engulf your painful screams

I watch you cry and
twist your soul in agony
No prayers can save you now
from Hell in eternity

I devastate your soul
and lacerate your mind
In sin I sanctify my
sword to crush your spine

I'm the Reaper

You're too confused
you can't elude my misty eyes
No need to hang on
to your faith in love and life

Whatever I command
your soul obeys my needs
You're like a zombie now
with a soul that burns and bleeds Bathory - Reaper -

There's not much left of you
your soul belongs to me
Nothing can save you now
or set your spirit free

I'm the Reaper

Coming to take you

I love the sight of having you
down and open wide
The smell of a dead woman's flesh
just drives me fucking wild

I have to got you in my grasp now
there is no need to escape
I'll penetrate you
every virgin needs a rape

Just when you think you have
gone through all that gives you pain
I'm coming back to you
to penetrate again

I'm the Reaper"

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