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Blue Highway - It Won't Be Long lyrics

D A7 D
1: There's a little home on the mountain side,
Where the flowers bloom, and babies cry,
The red bird sings the sweetest song,
A7 D
Where happiness and love was strong.

D A7 D
2: We watched the graceful days go by,
While hand in hand, and side by side.
The children played in the rippling stream,
A7 D
Nightfall would bring such peaceful dreams.

D A7 D
3: We made our family and our home,
Mother and wife were her love song,
But flowers bloom and wilt away,
A7 D
It's in God's plan to come what may.

D A7 D
4: A few short years her fate was known,
Her dying breath would not be long, Blue Highway - It Won't Be Long -
I hang my head, to the Lord I pray,
A7 D
God take me from this mournful day.

D A7 D
5: By her bedside we all did go,
And in her arms our baby hold,
In the still and quiet of the day,
A7 D
With tears of sadness she did say,

D A7 D
6: "Now children when you sleep tonight,
Make sure your heart and soul are right,
And if you long for the Savior's love,
A7 D
I'll meet you in the home above."

D A7 D
7: There's a little grave on the mountain side,
Where flowers bloom, the morning cries,
The red bird sings the sweetest song.
A7 D
I'll be with Him. It won't take long.

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