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  • Indie
  • melancholy
  • mellow
  • sad song with a nautical theme
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Brandtson - The Bottle And The Sea lyrics

I've been sitting here waiting,
Trying to fall asleep,
There is an answer in,
My head to see.

But I can't stop the fight,
I've been going crazy,
There's nowhere to run,
And I'm feeling so hazy.

It's the drugs that I took,
The wine that I drank,
The nights here alone,
And my head in the sink.

I need time to myself,
Back on the sea,
I want nothing more,
Than for you to be here with me.

Is it wasted alone,
Am I wasting away?
Just one more year,
I won't take that away from you.

Back on the road,
Here on the land,
It's not cracked up to be,Brandtson - The Bottle And The Sea -
All it is understand.

Where I'm coming, I've gone,
I'd see you around,
I've been here before,
Curled up on the ground.

Make it here on my own,
Away from today,
With all of the faces,
I'm seeing the same.

Got you out on the ocean,
Here on the sea,
The waves in your face,
And you're shouting at me.

Won't you lay here awake,
Don't fall asleep,
Holding me holding on,
it makes sense to me.

But you wouldn't allow
and it's killing me now,
Don't you know,
Don't you know,
Don't you know?

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