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Burns Out Bright - Crowded Streets, Empty Skies lyrics

under blue skies we live unaware. of greater things that lie above. and every night we engage. systems that make us sleep away. our only chance to see a universe displayed for us. we only look above when we hear of a day no planes would fly. and i still try to find a way. that i can hope to stay. and all this has a subtle feel of something that doesn't need to be here. among these stars all we are. simple things breathing in oxygen. and inching towards the day we die. they say all innocence is lost the day you know you die. under blue skies. in distance and darkness. i still hope to find. something that i can't seem to define. in all this empty sky. night falls. and we all realize the sky's not so empty after allBurns Out Bright - Crowded Streets, Empty Skies - http://motolyrics.com/burns-out-bright/crowded-streets-empty-skies-lyrics.html

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