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Burnt by the Sun - Don Knotts lyrics

I can still hear the frea behind your last gasp,
even above the flat slaps of my thumbs against this desk.
You take a moment to rewind in your mind:
if only you hadn't opened that hole beneath your nose.
I'm talking to a walking wall following a faulted call.
Hatred twisted your mind backwards so you suffer the truth.
In your mind you prevail.
Standing the test of tests.
By blind reflex I accept yuour challenge.
Argumentative vein, anger mantained.
My response is to let no jab go restrained.
Stand behind what you've said that's made this room grow dimBurnt by the Sun - Don Knotts - http://motolyrics.com/burnt-by-the-sun/don-knotts-lyrics.html
and what's made my eyes turn red.
Mind to mind, I know your kind.
Try and convince me that you're right because your skin is white.
( Let's enter your mind).
Let's see what you can do. Let's see.
(My standards are high. I will expect a whole lot from you. But you're not
what you think.)
Men like you made the sky turn red.
(This smells like failure. What a wast of time.)
Men like you mad the sky turn red.
(Can't you smell it- it's as thick as life.)
And this won't be the last time.

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