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Chopy Fatah - Da Bro

Xamy be aman de bro
Warzy tarikm da bro
Sally paizm da bro
Etr mn le dargay to nadam
La awy gharibi dll nadam
Mn kaseky tr dadwenm
Da bro. Da day bro
Ba yak nagain Mn U To
Dilm bo aw dabeChopy Fatah - Da Bro -
Gullm bo aw dabe
Da sa Kham day bro...
Pek nagain mn u to
Ay kham bro ba jem bella
Dlly parwanam la yad ka
Ay kham etr to ogher ka
Eshqu sozy mn la birka
Dlleky tr Helanama
Ta mirdn aw mallu jema Submitter's comments:  write according spelling i am sorry

English translation

Chopy Fatah - Go (English translation)

Go, the untrusted grief
Go, my dark season
Go, my autumn year
I will never knock your door anymore
I never drink the strange water from now on
I chat with someone else now
Go.. go... c'mon
We never reach me and you
My heart is for himChopy Fatah - Da Bro -
My Flowers is for him
C'mon grief go.. please...
We won't reach with each other
Leave me along grief
Forget my weak heart
Leave me along grief
Forget my passion and love
Another heart is my nest
Still my death that place becomes my home

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