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Clint Black - You Made Me Feel lyrics

Clint Black/Michael McDonald (BMI/ASCAP)

Almost a lifetime of
going nowhere
through all of the motions
it took to be me
No one to love me but I
didn't care
Had walls all around me and
I thought I was free

'Til (And) you made me
see you're some kind
of light
Can't help but see such a
beautiful sight
you opened my eyes and
before I could blink
You had all of my vies
and I'm startin' to think
That you made me feel
that's all there is to itClint Black - You Made Me Feel -
You made me feel like
you knew I could do it

Put a heart where there's
nothing' and you made
me real
and that's just how you
made me feel

I must have been lonely
though I couldn't
have known
Love was the only thing I
was not looking for
Wandering aimless in a
world of my own
Pleasure and painless 'til
you opened the door


Just how you made me feel.

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