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  • Ross Kenyon
  • William Pruden
  • Richard Arin Ilejay
  • Aaron Vanzutphen
  • Jeffrey Helberg
  • Metal
  • deathcore
  • metalcore
  • post hardcore
  • screamo
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Confide - Zeal lyrics

So lets piece things together from now on one by one

I'm hoping you know the way, because I'm so alone

Taking what you have for granted is a mistake you always made.

I'm hoping you know the way because I'm so alone

Just Know, I'm relieved, things are clear

My feet are where they should be.Confide - Zeal -

Can you do this without me?

You're there everytime

You're there for everything

My God, I can see clearly why I'm calling you

I can see clearly why I need you

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