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  • brutal death metal
  • death metal
  • german metal
  • warhammer 40k
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Debauchery - Rage Of The Bloodbeast lyrics

Fire and iron - Demonic warmachines
Burned flesh, tortured, armoured in chain mail
Forward from hell, with axes we fell
Murderers, invaders

Rage of the Bloodbeast

We come to kill, to rape and murder
Fucked up butchery - Sadistic slaughterDebauchery - Rage Of The Bloodbeast -
Impale, impale - Impaling you children
Rape, rape - Raping your women

Rage of the Bloodbeast

I shall wolfe your flesh and snap your bones
Skrind your folk and burn their homes
You shall never dread my kind
And never squander fear behind

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