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Yo what's goin on, this is Drake
And I'ma let you know what you about to witness aight?
This right here, is a Drake, and DJ Smallz collaboration
So I'm from Canada, my mans from down South
You understand the #1 DJ in the South to be exact
You heard that at the VMA's, you heard it wherever he goes
My man Smallz is out there down South
Same time reppin for Toronto, Canada y'knahmean?
So this right here what you 'bout what you listenin to right NOW
is the official, "Southern Smoke: Special Edition"Drake - Intro - http://motolyrics.com/drake/intro-lyrics.html
I call it the "Room For Improvement" mixtape
Cause I'm not perfect, and I bet neither are you if you listenin
so you need to just accept, what's THERE, y'knahmean? But look
You need to just let this play out
from track one, to track whatever however many I put on here
You need to just listen to this because look man
it's the first time, Canadian, down South, my man Smallz
Your boy Drake, you know what it is man
So just, uhh, tune in nigga...

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