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Eddie Rabbitt - Years After You lyrics

I dont know if I can explain it
cause theres really nothing different at all
the sun still burns
the earth still tuns
and the winter still follows the fall
I knew that it wouldnt be easy
for my heart to find somebody new
but I never thought
it still would be broken in two
these years after you

they tell me time is a natural healer
it kinda smoothes the pain away
but this hurtin' within
hasnt yet given in
and it seems like a million days
I still remember the taste of your kisses
and your eyes that were beautifully blue
and I can still hear the sound of your voice
when you said we were thru
years after you
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years after years after you
I'm still cryin'
tears after years after you
I'm still tryin' to make it thru
these years after you

there've been mornings when I couldnt wake up
there've been evenings when I couldnt sleep
ooo, my life will be fine for months at a time
then I'll break down and cry for a week
cause when I told you I'd love you forever
I know you didnt think it was true
but forever is nothing
compared to some nights I've been thru
these years after you

chorus x2

I'll never get over you


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