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  • black metal
  • norwegian black metal
  • progressive black metal
  • slaytanic stuff
  • symphonic black metal
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Emperor - Nonus Aequilibrium lyrics

For I speak of purity

I am unconquerable
In my worship
I am invincible
On my crusade
However hard the strikes may be
However deep the wounds
This blood immortal
Bleeds for Thee

Blessed was I with the consecration
To indomitable dedication

In every breath I hear
The silent whisper of your name
In every harmony
In every thought
You make my water into wine
I am ever Thine
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Blessed was I with the consecration
To indomitable dedication

Two bound as one
In a trinity
Where I comprise
Infinite forms of unity

In unity reborn
To a state
Where all past burdens
No longer shall be worn

I pledge to perfection
No compromise can touch my woe
Nor questions reach my faith
In immortality

In the name of
Nonus Aequilibrium
I am thine
IX times IX...

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