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Fiddler's Green - Midnight Rambler lyrics

Our town is far away from heaven
In a puddle swims the sky
I'm so young I was born in sixtyseven
Now I'm here and don't know why

"Out of sight, out of mind", she said
"Our time is gone and there's no way "
"You are blind, you are a fool", she said
"Cause there's no chance to make me stay"

I'm a midnight rambler, I'm a fruit of doom Fiddler's Green - Midnight Rambler -

I'm a midnight gambler, I'm fallin'
I'm a midnight rambler, I drink my time away
I'm a midnight gambler
Oh can't you make my day

Neon lights burn like St. Elmo's fire
I see them shinin' in your eyes
Can 't you help me take me a little higher
I knew some day I'll pay the the price

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