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  • Florence Leontine Mary Welch
  • Paul Epworth
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Florence + The Machine - Heartlines lyrics

Oh the river, oh the river
It's running free
And oh the joy
Oh the joy it brings to me
But I know it'll have to drown me
Before I can breathe easy
And I've seen it in the flights of birds
I've seen it in you
The entrails of the animals
The blood running through
But in order to get to the heart
I think sometimes
You'll have to cut through
But you can We will carry
We will carry you there (Chorus)
Just keep following
The heartlines on your hand
Just keep following
The heartlines on your hand
Keep it up, I know you canFlorence + The Machine - Heartlines - http://motolyrics.com/florence-plus-the-machine/heartlines-lyrics.html
Just keep following
The heartlines on your hand 'Cause I am... On the sea
On the sea and land over land
Creeping and crawling
Like the sea over sand
Still I follow heartlines on your hand
And there's fantasy
There's fallacy
There's tumbling stone
Echoes of a city that's long overgrown
Your heart is the only place
That I call home
Can I be returned?
You can
You can
I know you can (Chorus) What a thing to do
What a thing to choose
But know, in some way I'm there with you
Up against the wall on a Wednesday afternoon (Chorus) 'Cause I am...

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