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George Strait - Give Me More Time lyrics

A banker and a farmer
Discuss the bottom line
It aint rained
And all the crops
Are dying on the vine
Give me more time.
You gotta give me more time.
That farm's been in my family
Going on a hundred years.
We've pulled through hard times
Before with blood sweat and tears.
Give me more time; I need more time.
Oh, what would he give
For a little more time?

Two lovers at a table
Candlelight and wine
One's looking for an answer
The other one can't find.
Give me more timeGeorge Strait - Give Me More Time -
You gotta give me more time
She says
"You know I love you
But my heart's in a bind
Afraid you're gonna leave me
If I don't make up my mind."
Give me more time
I gotta have more time
Some have barely any
Some too much on their hands
Some would give anything
To have it back again.

A patient and his doctor
Meet behind closed doors
You kidding me?
How could this be, I'm only 24
Give me more time
You gotta give me more time
Give me more time.

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