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  • Dale Dodson
  • Lee Ann Womack
  • Dean Dillon
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George Strait - Good News Bad News lyrics

(Dean Dillon, Dale Dodson, Lee Ann Womack)
George Strait & Lee Ann Womack)

I've got some good news,
Can't wait to tell you
Realized I've missed you,
Since we've been apart
I just needed time,
To make up my mind
But I'm in love with you
With all my heart
I've got some good news.

(Lee Ann)
I got some bad news,
I don't know how to break to you
I found someone newGeorge Strait - Good News Bad News -
Since we been apart
I had too much time,
And he took you off my mind,
And I'm in love with him
With all of my heart
I've got some bad news.

I guess all is fair in love and war
Someone wins,
(Lee Ann)
But someone wins more
You never know what time will do
All I know is I've got some good news
(Lee Ann)
I've got some bad news...

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