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We're locked up in prison and
want to break free
A leader is wanted, but who could it be?
A girl is the one, that we're searching for
It's a reincarnation and we look for more Howling of the wind is heard from a far
We want to come back - our life is a scar Something attacks you again and again
It's a parasite, that slept in your brain
Don't try to escape. We'd find you in the end
Unlock the door to the far promised land Now close your eyes and enjoy the view
No one will miss a young maiden like you [Chorus;]
Once again - rising high
Out of death into lifeIron Fate - Resurrection -
We sold our souls, but we want to survive
Resurrection Take a look in the mirror, you sweet little child
Your destiny's to be restless and wild
Use this one-way ticket to take us away
The howling was heard and
it's returning today Don't look so afraid with your eyes of blue
The gate is now open and you can run through [Chorus] [Solo] Once again - rising high
Out of death into life
Today is the day when the dead start to fight
We're marching the world
with darkness and light.....Destination Submitter's comments:  These are the official lyrics, like they are written in the booklet (a typo or two might have been corrected here, though).

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