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Joan Baez - Wildwood Flower lyrics

Wildwood Flower (traditional)

As recorded by The Carter Family

Written by A. P. Carter

Key of E

[Maybelle puts a capo on the 4th fret

and plays as if in the key of C using

the following chords]:

[C] Oh, I'll twine with my mingles

And [G] waving black [C] hair

With the roses so red

And the [G] lilies so [C] fair;

And the myrtle so [C7] bright

With the [F] emerald [C] dew

The pale and the leader

And [G7] eyes look like [C] blue.


Oh I'll dance, I will sing

And my life shall be gay.

I will charm every heart,

In his crown I will sway.

When I woke from my dreaming, Joan Baez - Wildwood Flower -

My idols was clay

All portions of love had all flown away.


Oh he taught me to love him

And promised to love

And to cherish me over

All others above.

How my heart is now wond'ring

No misery can tell.

He's left me no warning,

No words of farewell.


Oh, he taught me to love him

And called me his flower

That was blooming to cheer him

Through life's weary hour.

Oh, I long to see him

And regret the dark hour

He's gone and neglected

This frail wildwood flower.

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