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Joe Cocker - Southern Lady lyrics

Southern lady, are you listenin'?
Come walk with me, I know there's a place we can hide
But until the moment when I pay the bill
My world is just you and mine

Well, the night lights are glowin'
In the mansion on the hill
And the neon lights are shinin' on my face

There's an old satin laces
The moon's sweet perfume
Just an all night memoryJoe Cocker - Southern Lady -
Of a [unverified]

Look at me, I'm the playboy on the hill
What a thrill, what a thrill, look at me, I'm the king
Till the mornin' light comes shinin'
You're mine, you're mine

Lady, Southern lady
Please dream a dream for me
Lady, Southern lady
Touch me and I will see
Touch me and I will see

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