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Julie Roberts - Yesterday's Blue lyrics

I didn't know
How crazy I could go
Watching you fall into her arms
I wish it didn't take so damn long to heal a broken heart
I never thought the tears would stop falling over you
I've been stuck in yesterday's blue
Yesterday's blue

Well I woke up today
Smile on my face
Finally got you off my mind
I used to cry thinking about what we left behind
And now I've decided I've got better things I can do
Than be stuck in yesterday's blue

She's got a pretty faceJulie Roberts - Yesterday's Blue - http://motolyrics.com/julie-roberts/yesterdays-blue-lyrics.html
You've got your pretty lies
You two were meant to be
So get out of my life
I'm through being stuck in yesterday's blue

You keep our memories
I'll pawn the diamond ring
And we can both move on
You keep your pickup truck
I could really give a
I'll curl up with the dog
And I'll sleep like a baby
Knowing we're finally through
I'm gonna sleep like a baby
I'm finally through
Being stuck in yesterday's blue

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