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Sin excusas Lyrics English translation


Julio Iglesias - Sin excusas

Hoy que me dices adiós
Sin excusas ni rodeos
Quiero contarte mi error
De la angustia que da el miedo Ayer me dabas de todo
De gratis y sin reservas
Y cómo cambiam las cosas
Cuando te pasan la cuenta Ayer me dabas tu vida
Y yo jugaba con ellaJulio Iglesias - Sin excusas - http://motolyrics.com/julio-iglesias/sin-excusas-lyrics-english-translation.html
Que necio es haber perdido
Tu amor en una rulera Ya ves, yo sólo disimulaba
Porque tú de verdade me importabas
Pensar que me oferecías el cielo
Saber que hoy ya no puedo tenerlo
Sé que merezo tu adiós,
Sin excusas ni rodeos

English translation

Julio Iglesias - No excuses (English translation)

Today when you're saying goodbye to me
With no excuses or detours
I want to tell you my mistake
Of the anxiety that gives fear

Yesterday you gave me everything
Free of charge and without reservation
How things can change
When you pass the bill

Yesterday you gave me your life
And I played with itJulio Iglesias - Sin excusas - http://motolyrics.com/julio-iglesias/sin-excusas-lyrics-english-translation.html
What a fool to lose
Your love in a roulette

You see, I was only pretending
Because I really cared about you
Thinking that you've offered me the sky
And knowing that today I can't have it
I know I deserve your farewell
With no excuses, nor detours

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