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  • 00s
  • alt country
  • australian
  • female vocalist
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Kasey Chambers - If I Were You lyrics

I'd tell everyone I know

If I was free

I wouldn't be so keen to go

If I was wrong

I would take it like a man

If I was smart

I would get out while I can

If I was broken

I would probably let it be

If I was dying

I wouldn't go out quietly

If I was lost

Well my heart would feel the same

If I was honest

I would probably be ashamed

But if I were you

I would notice me
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If I were you

I would wait for me

If I were you

I would easily hold me and say

It's all gonna be OK

If I was rich

I would spend it on my own

If I was dignified

I'd only smoke at home

If I was dark

I would only dress in black

If I was chosen

I would gladly give it back

It's not for you to judge

From all this kind of stuff

I'm only half of what you see

Kasey Chambers If I Were You

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