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  • Bill Martin/phil Coulter
  • 70s
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • glam rock
  • oldies
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Kenny - Fancy Pants lyrics

Better get ready better get steady

Better get set to go.
Here she comes
that's Fancy Pants.
She's the slickest
she's the quickest chick
You'll ever know.
That's why they call her Fancy Pants.

Look at her rock (Come on Fancy)
Look at her roll (Show us how to move)
Look at her rock and roll.
rhey call her Fancy Pants
and if you give her a chance
She'll just dance
dance.Kenny - Fancy Pants -
Look at her groove and look at her move

she's magic
They call her Fancy Pants and if you pass her a glance
She'll just dance
She's really sweet she's got magic feet
When she hears that beat she goes wild.
(You know I really love that Fancy Pants)
One night stands and boogie bands that's all she wants to knov
She's quite a girl that Fancy Pants.
She's a rocker
she's a shocker
but I need her so.
(1) really love my Fancy Pants.
Look at her rock (Come on Fancy)
. . .

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