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  • Coleman
  • Jeremy / Ferguson
  • Paul / Raven
  • Paul Vincent / Walker
  • Kevin
  • 80s
  • goth
  • industrial
  • new wave
  • post punk
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Killing Joke - Darkness Before Dawn lyrics

the lore of elders passes judgement on this waste
and finding me or them does lack accepting fate

we watch them come and go with speed of passing clouds
forbidden fruits of dreams that rule our thoughts my love
and as the moments pass another face arrives
of lands untouched and ways to come always maybe
confirming fears that from the dawn of time have been
but choking on promises meant for the deal
thinking again the darkest hour before the dawnKilling Joke - Darkness Before Dawn -

and through the madness through the terror we must pass

retracing footsteps in dark chambers of grey lands
as if awaiting sunlight that may never come

now that i know the final conflict is within
in time we face ourselves with all our faults and fears
i recognise the faces of my friends and hear the call
"come journey, journey with me through the darkest hour

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