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Kristen Lawrence - Dark Glass lyrics

I saw the earth as a moon-like globe
Outside my window, shower window.
No glass impaired my sight this night
As a vision pulled my ear, "Come out here."
All the atmosphere had shattered
And fell in fragments like dark glass from the sky.
No one can say, none can detail
Where droplets splashed and shards rushed maddened.


Everything was a shade of blue,
Round and grand and blue,
So close, I had to check what planet I was on.
How radiant the sphere appeared!
Glowing water waved a mirror.
Long points of white turned the earth with sparkling hums.

The continents seemed a little fuzzyKristen Lawrence - Dark Glass -
As they throbbed in their green pattern.
I stretched my arms to their expanse,
So round, so bold,
So feeling and yet small.
Through this night I could fly
Past all wintery fences high,
Alone for miles around.

Am I too far above ground?
The motion pulled, so where's too far?

My elbows leaned on the tile -
I forgot there was tile for a while -
And soaked in absence of time.
The steam gathered dew in mind.
So, light and dark spin their fight -
Or agree to what they are -
All at night outside my window.

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