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Little Comets - Adultery lyrics

This is a tale
Of a boy of a man
Of a girl of a wife
For putting your hands
Into trousers and knickers
Can destroy a life

Tension grows
The signs of cavorting
Still cling to his clothes
Tension mounts
He tells her that
Platonic love never counts

A-dul-te-ry, a-dul-te-ry

In every kitchen
There's people who listen
Through cracks in the walls
So she plays the fly
As he lets in his love
Through a sullied back door

She screams no
Her eyes are transparently
Starting to glow
She shouts yes
And figures that
It's a good time to confess

To a-dul-te-ry, a-dul-te-ryLittle Comets - Adultery -

Tears in the morning
No signs of warning

He never said he loved her that much
She never acts like she cared at all for conversation
So when you're living without being touched
There's no surprise that
There will be deviation

Everything's ending
There's no use pretending
Our couple are fine
Her love is expiring
While he sits perspiring
Just playing out time

Tension builds
Just think of the children
He wills as she spills
Tears from eyes
So tired and blinded
By subtext and lies

It's a-dul-te-ry, a-dul-te-ry

No signgs of warning
Tears in the morning

(Thanks to Luiz for these lyrics)

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