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Lizzy Borden - Abnormal lyrics

crawling through seasons of death to the grave
living dead society savedso much more us then is in them
madness has come to feed them again
now is the winter of my discontent
drowning in my own defense
villans conform them in line to adorn them
with crown of thorns and veiled threats

Abnormal life
grotesquely alivein my monsterous soul
abnormal scheme for the slave rule brings
death to us all
Abnormal life
swarming round suicide sinners betrayed
malfunctioning deathfor the globally plagued
battling demons cant face them alone
snakes in the mirror life turns to stone
now is the season of hellish desent
the lying truth of consequence
flawed to perfection without the exception
contaminated degenerated
abnormal life Lizzy Borden - Abnormal -
grotesquely alive in my monsterous soul
abnormal scheme for the slave rule brings
death to us all
abnormal life abnormal mind
defected alone
abnormal dreams of abnormal things
all dysfunctional
abnormal life
something more than evil eyes
behind the smile of your disquise
live forever in your skin
dont let gods and monsters in
left undead to resurrection
walk the earth flawed to perfection
doomed to sing you lullabies
kiss the girls and make them die

abnormal life
abnormal heart
abnormal mind

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