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  • Timothy Convy
  • Andrew Volpe
  • Timothy Ferrell
  • Matthew Palermo
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Ludo - Overdone lyrics

I'm a snake in the grass
Watch your feet,
Let me pass.

I'm tight and afraid
I can't eat,
I can't change.

And all the little mice
Are dancing in sunlight
While I shuffle past,
Just a snake in the grass

And, oh, I'm overcome
And, oh, now I am new.

Oh oh, I am in love again
Oh oh, I am consumed by it
Oh oh, I am in love again
Under-drugged and overdone.

I'm a snake on a shelf
Just a pile of myself Ludo - Overdone -
While the mice in the walls
Find joy in it all.

But I'm bad, bred to suffer
In the dark,
In this room.

I'll explode, I'll escape
Get me out,
Make it soon.


If there's a god that could save me
I'd ask that he open the skies and do it now
But it's just a chemical,
I'm not a snake
I'm just falling apart again
Look at me, I'm sobbing like a child.


Oh oh, I am in love
Oh oh...

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