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Maroon 5 - No Curtain Call lyrics

Verse 1
You say you need someone
But everybody does
I'm no different than you
I just believe what I do

You point your finger at
Everyone but yourself
And blame the ones that you love
Who're only try'n to help

As it's winding down to zero
I am yours like a hero
I'll see this through
There's so much me and you
Take this enemy together
Fight these demons off forever forever forever forever

5,4,3,2,1 I won't stop until it's done
No curtain call,I will not fall
This may be the one we've been waiting for
No curtain call,just take it allMaroon 5 - No Curtain Call -

Verse 2
I have no time for fear
Or people in my ear
Head down and running so fast
Try not to dwell on the past

I'm fighting through this pain
And things I cannot change
Running right into the flame
Rather than running away



2nd Bridge
Sweat drips down from every angle
Love your body as it gathers in a pool by your feet
You turn up the heat
tossin and turnin, you cannot sleep
Quietly weep,your in too deep

Chorus x2

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