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Matt Duke - Tidal Waves lyrics

So here's a note that I left
by the fireplace and ash
from all the notes that
I've burned not long ago.
It's great how severing all these ties
can make things right
At least less wrong
than they ever were before.
The days I'd sit and sieve
by the window
I can taste the awful vapor of nostalgia
mixed with hurt
But now my mouth
my mouth is dry
I choke on logic and my tongue is tied
From reciting inspired, babble verses
and bullshit lies
You say that this world is a wide open road
and we're stuck holding the wheel
But in one hand's a whiskey
and the other's too drunk to steer
So where do we go from here?
And I...
Matt Duke - Tidal Waves -
So where do we go from here now?
I dance and pray
i dance and pray for rain
to wipe this Earth out once again
Extend those forty days and nights indefinitely
And there'll be tidal waves
as all of my problems wash away
You can hear my laughter just before I start to drown
And if everyone here is a child of God's,
this world is a pityless whore
And He's still playing favorites
and behind on his child support
So where do we go from here now?
Where do we go from here now?
So where, where do we go (where do we go) from here now? Now?
The noose that we wear doesn't matter at all
unless we kick out our feet
And perhaps our salvations to the Lord that were incomplete
So here's the note, the note that counts
explaining why I wanted out
It reads in small print
I'm much too tired to think anymore
And so, where do we go from here now?
So where do we go from here now? x4

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