Funeral Fog Lyrics

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  • Jan Axel Von Blomberg
  • Metal
  • black metal
  • norwegian black metal
  • true black metal
  • true norwegian black metal
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Mayhem - Funeral Fog lyrics

Every time this year
this dark fog will appear
up from the tombs it comes
to take one more life that
can be near.
In the middle of transylvania
All natural life has for a long
time ago gone, its thin and so
beautyful but also so dark and
Once again the priest is messing
may the god bless us all.Mayhem - Funeral Fog -
The fog is here again
that'll complete this funeral.
From a place empty of life.
Only dead trees are growing hear
as it comes from a far
Only dead treas are growing hear
............Funeral Fog
............Funeral Fog
............Funeral Fog
............Funeral Fog
Mayhem Funeral Fog

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