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Neil Sedaka - Forty Winks Away lyrics

Away... away

I just can't wait to fall asleep
I can't wait for night each day
'Cause when the lights are low
No matter where you go,
You're only forty winks
Away... away

No matter how far you may be,
Believe me darling when I say,
The oceans in between
I cross them on a dream
'Cause you're just forty winks
Away... awayNeil Sedaka - Forty Winks Away -

There's a land of enchantment
Just beyond my pillowcase,
And I go there 'cause I know there
I'll be in your sweet embrace.

So till you come back home again,
Until you're in my arms to stay,
It's kinda nice to know,
I turn the lights down low,
And you're just forty winks
Away... away...
[Fade out]
Away... away

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