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  • 80s
  • 80spop
  • beautiful
  • calm peaceful
  • female vocalist
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Olivia Newton-John - To Be Wanted lyrics

"To Be Wanted"

You move your hand across my neck
You trace your hand across my cheek
And all is said, though we never speak
To be Wanted ... To Want
I want to be wanted, to want

I move my hand across your hair
I trace my hand across your lips
And all I need is to be like this
To be wanted, to want
I want to be wanted...to want

Let it be soOlivia Newton-John - To Be Wanted - http://motolyrics.com/olivia-newton-john/to-be-wanted-lyrics.html
Wither thou go
My heart will follow
Just a stone's throw
Into your soul
Beyond Today .. beyond tomorrow

When Angels dream of the perfect Kiss
They want to be wanted...
To Want
I want to be wanted ...
To Want

... To be wanted ....

... To Want

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