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Patti LaBelle - Sleep With Me Tonight lyrics

Something in your eyes tonight
Told me to stay
It's been so long but to see you this way
Makes me want to hold you
Tell you that I need to
Be with you tonight

Baby won't you let me in
We tried it apart
But here we are together again
Tell you that i'm sorry
Tell you how I need yo
Be with you tonight

And now I finally understand Patti LaBelle - Sleep With Me Tonight -
How much I've missed
You loved me once please love me once again

Can I sleep with you tonight
Let's try it again
For one last time or the rest of our lives
Baby be forgiving
What's been done is done now
Let's you and me be one
Come sleep with me tonight
And tomorrow or maybe forever
Just stay
'Till tomorrow or maybe forever just stay
And sleep with me tonight

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