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Peter Tosh - jah guide lyrics

Here though I trod
Through this valley
I will fear no evil
'Cause I know
Jah Guide (3x) Jah Guide (2x) I through
This valley
And I know he will
When I'm trodding
Through this valley
I know he will Chorus:
Though my enemies
Fight me everyday
I will fear no evil
Though my enemies set
Traps in my way Still I will fear no evil Chorus Many petty workers dig
Pits every day
But I don't fear no evil
Out-a-quity workersPeter Tosh - jah guide -
Fight me everyday
Still I will fear no evil Chorus Pestilence lurks in dark
And I fear no evil
Destruction walk with
Smiling faces
Still I will fear no evil Chorus When I'm walking the
I know he will (Precedes
Each line below)
When I'm smoking my
Pipe When I'm troddin the
When I'm driving the
When they dig pits in
My way When they try to keep
Me down

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