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It Takes Two Lyrics

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  • N. Cohen
  • D. Hair
  • P. Hyman
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Phyllis Hyman - It Takes Two lyrics

(N. Cohen, D. Hair, P. Hyman)

Verse 1
Don't turn away
Don't run and hide
It scares me too
Each time we fight

We get so close
And suddenly
We're far away
As we can be

There's a chance
A chance we have to take
There's a choice for us
A choice we have to make
What love demand
Is honesty
I'm here for you
Now don't you see?

(Chorus)Phyllis Hyman - It Takes Two -
It takes two
For a relationship to be
Everything we need
To feel complete

It takes two
For love to make it through the hardest time
We'll go through
It takes two

Verse 2
Have some faith
In what we feel
In time our love
Will be revealed

Open up
That cautious heart
And let me in
So we can start



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