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Rage - Shadow Out Of Time lyrics

Music by P. Wagner, S. Efthimiadis / Lyrics by P. Wagner

Something's happened to myself, I could never give the answer
though I did my best to find it out.
If you'd ask me where I've been the last few years I could not
tell you. Pieces of dreams mix with memories about.

Something's slipped into my body while my mind has been absent
in a nameless time, somehow I know, I know, I know it well...

Like a shadow out of time it's injected in my mind,
like a shadow out of time.
Like a vision in disguise it took hold of all my ways,
like a shadow out of time.
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They have told me I've reacted like I was not from this earth.

I guess this something inside me was not.
When I've go these visions that I look down at myself I get
scared. This is not my body, but it's ... what ?

I have slipped in someone's shape while his mind has been absent

in my nameless time, somehow he knows, he knows, I know it well...

Somehow I have lost my memories when I returned from this journey,
you would not believe me anyway. (Shadow out of time)
For the rest of my life I will look for a release from this pain
but I think I'll never see the day. (Shadow out of time)

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