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Rahsaan Patterson - The One For Me lyrics

Verse 1

In my eyes you're so beautiful
So magical
My heart is beating repititiously for you
I... gotta find that special place that beholds the love
That settles in your nookie heart of sweetness

Chorus 2x

I want you to know
You gotta know
You're the only one for me
Your love is all I need

Verse 2

I gotta make it known you lookin' like a queen Rahsaan Patterson - The One For Me - http://motolyrics.com/rahsaan-patterson/the-one-for-me-lyrics.html
With ebony dreamin' eyes
And a sparklin' diamond-smile that draws me near
Can I... slide into your world?
Where there's paradise
And taste the rivers that flow like sugar through your nights

I wanna be betroved
To your duchess
Under the leaves of blankets
In the grass
As we... blaze in the sky

While inhalin your essence
Has got me high...

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