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Screeching Weasel - Handcuffed To You lyrics

it's been so long since that magic trick
went wrong
and chained me to you and
i wanna get out
please find the key cause i really gotta pee
and i'm sick of having to hold it
i'm tired of trying to write with
my left hand
and i'm tired of getting whiffs of
your bad breath
and i'm tired of being this close to you
when you've got pms
but you know it's okay handcuffed to you
it's always the same this could beScreeching Weasel - Handcuffed To You -
our big getaway
but we're going nowhere at all
and you know
it's not all that bad sometimes it's kind of
fun in fact
so let's make the best of it and
ask your mom to send a hacksaw in a cake
pretty soon we'll get the chance to
make our break
and we'll smile and say goodbye
and then we'll go our separate ways
but for now it's okay handcuffed to you
it's alright 'cause i'm handcuffed to you

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