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Smokie Norful - The Least I Can Do lyrics

Lord, I lift my hands

I extend myself to you

With your arms stretched out wide

You pay the price

You bled and died

(Lord I lift my hands)

I lift my hands

And I extend (I extend)

Myself to you (Myself to you)

Thank you Jesus

(With your arms stretched out wide)

Stretched out wide

You paid (You paid the price)

And for me

(You bled and died)

(Lord I lift my voice)

I lift my voice

(And I praise your holy name)

With your life (With your life)

(You saved my soul)

You saved my soul

(And with your power)

With you awesome power

You made me whole

Hey now


(Lord here I stand) Lord here I stand

I give my life back to you (I give my life back to you)

I give it back to you

You've been so good Lord

Yes you have

(You've been so good that it's the least that I could do)

Now everybody that loves God, give him thanks, give him glory, give him praise

He deserves it, he's worthy

That's the least we can do for all of the wonderful things that he's done for us

Come on and help us praise him
Smokie Norful - The Least I Can Do -

Here I am Jesus

Take my hands

My mind, my body, my soul

(I give you my hands Lord)

Hey use them in your vinyard

(I give you my feet Lord)

Help me to walk in your holy ways

(Please take all of me Lord)

Take all of me, all of me Jesus, not just a part, but all of me

(Please take all of me Lord)

Thank you Jesus

Take control

(I give you my heart Lord)

I give you my heart Lord

Help me to love like you love

(I give you my soul Lord)

You know it all belongs to you

(Please take control Lord)

Take complete control of me

Take control of my walk, take control of my thoughts

(Take control Lord)

It's not because of anything I have

Not for fortune or fame Lord

But I praise you because of who you Lord

(Please take all my praise Lord)

Your grace and your mercy Lord

(Because of your love Lord)

Because of your love Jesus

You've been so good

You've been better to me than I could have been to myself

(You've been so good)

You've made a way out of no way

You've been so good

That it's the least that I

Could do

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