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  • Norman
  • Christopher Ward / Spencer
  • Pete David
  • 80s
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • classic rock
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Smokie - It's Natural lyrics

It would suit me, if I could be
Sat in the sand, looking at the sun
It's a real treat, sit in the heat,
It can be neat, having lots of fun
I like to lie in the heat of the sun
It's a whole lot of fun and it's natural
I like to laze in the heat of the rays
It's not just a craze, 'cause it's natural
If I stay there, though my skin's fairSmokie - It's Natural -
Maybe I can get a lovely tan
If you agree, share it with me
Down by the sea, it's a lovely plan
I like to lie in the heat of the sun...
As I wandered through the land of Christmas trees
I ate some doughy bread and rubber cheese
Without my coat and hat I'd surely freeze
And I dream about the land across the see
I like to lie in the heat of the sun...

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