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S.O.D. - Pre-menstrual Princess Blues lyrics

Irving, where are my maxi pads
Help me find them
Before I paint the whole house red
You men have it sooo easy
I wish that you could feel this
Just once
I'm passing clots
The size of basketballs

Pre-menstrual princess blues
Pre-menstrual princess blues
Pre-menstrual princess bluesS.O.D. - Pre-menstrual Princess Blues - http://motolyrics.com/sod/pre-menstrual-princess-blues-lyrics.html
Pre-menstrual princess blues

Oh God, it's stained through
Onto my new dress
Why'd this have to happen now
I can't go out like this
I look like I've been shot
Ohh, you're hungry are you
Well come here, Irving darling
How about a bloody mary


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