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  • Metal
  • grindcore
  • mathcore
  • metalcore
  • modern hardcore
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The End - Dear Martyr lyrics

Had we known then what we know now you would be alive. Forgive us, it felt
Like a prison to lead predestined lives without a choice. If you could see
Her now you would be so proud. Is it murder? Dear Martyr, You brought your
Own demise. Things were better without questions. Only your answers to guide
Us. Fallen are the great ones. You fell fucking far. Killing you sooner,The End - Dear Martyr -
Would have been better. Dear departed, feasting on faith's fat was
Comforting. The yoke's released. The blindfold's drawn. No, please d on't do
It. Please don't kill me. Those were your last words. You said follow me.
You said trust in me but you never said you'd live.

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