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Transplants - Romper Stomper lyrics

Album: Transplants (2002)


Yeah... 1,2,3,4
It's a knock down drag out one on one
Think it's over when it just begun
Cause round here they'll fight for fun
On my feet- don't think to run
Two-Face gets bust in both mouths
Backstabbers get shanked out no doubt
Going all out loose a crowd
Just want to know what you're about

Gonna lie de facto
Lie de facto
Don't cross the line man
You fall through the cracks
Nobody's neutral
Nobody's neutral
You stand alone in your fucking nightmare
Dont turn your back 'cuz..
Dont turn your back 'cuz..
That leaves the front yeah
Open target
I got you back so Transplants - Romper Stomper -
I got you back so
Know how to soothe your mind

I wanna know
I wanna know
I wanna know
Can i count on you when it's time

If I got your back then you best have mine
When it goes down lay it on the line
Fatboy you wll thats just fine
Just let me know don't waste my time
Friends I have - one reason to die
Will we got we will get by
No matter what stand'n side by side
We'll come through with our heads held high

I wanna know
I wanna know
I wanna know
Can i count on you when it's time

Can i count on you when its time!

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