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Vic Damone - An Affair To Remember lyrics

Doris Day
Written by Dorcas Cochran and Lionel Newman

Peaked at #2 in 1949
MANY competing versions charted that year: Gordon Jenkins #2); Mel Torme (#3);
Vic Damone (#6); Tommy Dorsey (#6); Art Moony (#7); and Vera Lynn (#23)

Again, this couldn't happen again
This is that once in a lifetime
This is the thrill divine

What's more, this never happened beforeVic Damone - An Affair To Remember -
Though I have prayed for a lifetime
That such as you would suddenly be mine

Mine to hold as I'm holding you now and yet never so near
Mine to have when the now and the here disappear
What matters, dear, for

When this doesn't happen again
We'll have this moment forever
But never, never again (never, never)
We'll have this moment for ev er
But never, never again (never, never)

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