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A Faith Called Chaos - Forgive Nothing lyrics

Somewhere there is a spouse
Sitting on the window pane
She sings, â€Å"salt and sea bring him home to meâ€Â

Where are you my love?
And when the time runs out
Thirty years from now
Who will be the one left to sing
For you.
Who will keep the lights on?
For you.

The only songs I know
Dear my lover
This halogen bulb knows
That the glow of a porch light
Welcomes the sailor home
Out side the sky waxes redA Faith Called Chaos - Forgive Nothing - http://motolyrics.com/a-faith-called-chaos/forgive-nothing-lyrics.html
With the street lights up ahead
Blink in and out of sync with his soul
Again tonight

Somewhere tonight
There is some one begging to God to keep hope alive
And there' me
There is someone tonight whose had to bury their' child
She is still awake
Oh quietly come oh quietly sit and be with me
Keep this years port wine close so it won't eclipse
These shores
Life's a war that gives us hope
But even that promise won't bring me home.

It won't bring me home.
Forgive nothing.

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