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A Faith Called Chaos - We Woke Up A Fire lyrics

We awake and face a new day for nothing.
As bitter as the rope around our necks we hang.
Lofty from the high of last year's tired clichÈ,
A cheap after glow we'll keep close to further fan the flames.
I rise as a sun to burn everyone I love,
A song that's for all those who've ever been engulfed
A desperate dance in the ashes,
A trivial lust we'll never touch unless it could give us worth.

I'm not for your love, so do what you want
I'm not for your love, cause I've been burntA Faith Called Chaos - We Woke Up A Fire - http://motolyrics.com/a-faith-called-chaos/we-woke-up-a-fire-lyrics.html
I'm burning, burning burning again

Take my love, a cinder for every kiss

And we can burn all that could have been
My love, we'll spread the coals on the ground
Yeah, we'll lay them out.

I'm burning
I rise like a sun to burn all those I love.

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